Tips on choosing your wedding band from Ear Candy Oxford

Choosing your wedding band for your wedding can be quite a challenge so I decided to catch up one of the most popular function band in Oxford; Ear Candy.  I pretended I was you (aka getting married) and asked them six questions to help me (aka you) through the minefield of booking a band for your wedding.

1. How Would I Choose The Perfect Oxford Wedding Band?

If you’re looking for an Oxford wedding band, you are probably hoping they will also bring the party. This means energy, interaction and songs for all ages. We’ve found that guests love to hear the classics but also enjoy something different too. It’s important to mix things up and keep it fresh, which is why we always put our spin on things. This gives us a ‘flavour’ and it’s then down to the client’s taste to determine whether we’re a match. We advise anyone searching for a wedding band to look through a band’s videos, photos and testimonials to see if the music is suited to yours and your guests tastes. On such a special occasion, it’s important to find the right band to end your day on a high!

Ear Candy Oxford

2. How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book?
Booking in advance is certainly recommended when hiring a wedding band. Over the years we’ve noticed that prime dates in peak season tend to book up at least 12/18months in advance, which means it’s best to plan ahead. We already have weddings booked in for 2 years time which shows how organised some couples are! Searching that far in advance may seem crazy but trust me your choices will become more and more limited as time passes. We advise contacting any supplier as soon as you can to better your chances of making your day as perfect as possible.

3. Will The Band Provide Their Own Equipment?

Not all bands provide a PA system and lighting. This can sometimes be an unexpected extra cost to the client. It’s always best to ask your band what will be included when enquiring about their services. This also extends to travel expenses, space requirements and refreshments. These details will typically be written into a contract. We always ask our couples to read through the contract and make sure they’re happy with the term & conditions – that way everyone is assured moving forward. We include all sound & lighting needed for our performances. Be sure to ask your band as many questions as it takes to feel comfortable. It’s your day after all.
Oxford Function Band - Ear Candy Oxford
4. What Are Typical Band Timings?
We’ve played hundreds of weddings and noticed very early on that it’s important to have some structure to an evening. A typical start time is around 8pm with a finish time of midnight. We offer a 2 x 60min or 3 x 40min live performance with an optional DJ service to keep things flowing throughout the evening. We advise discussing the set times and performance options with your band to make sure this fits in with your evening reception plans. For example; It’s better to serve evening food when the band are not performing to avoid an empty dance floor. Arranging times with your band beforehand can help move things along more smoothly.

5. Help! Our Venue Has Restrictions

Sometimes wedding venues can have sound, space or even time restrictions that may effect your suppliers. In most cases, we’ve found that we can perform without any issues. On the odd occasion we’ve been unable to perform/had issues that compromise the performance. Sound limiters are often the main issue. A simple solution is to to ask your venue to highlight any restrictions that the band should know about. Once you receive this information then we advise you pass to on to the band ASAP to make sure they’re able to perform under the venues terms. Equally, be sure to pass on the term & conditions issues in the band contract to the venue. This transparency and communication alleviates any complications on your big day!
Oxford Wedding Band - Ear Candy Oxford

6. What If We Wanted Some Daytime Entertainment?

It’s very on trend to have live music during ceremonies and drinks receptions right now. Couples are continually searching for something unique to personalise their special day – and rightly so! Customising the soundtrack to your day is a fun and creative way of making the wedding more personal to you. Whether it’s learning your favourite songs for ceremonies or choosing a certain vibe for reception drinks, we can tailor our services to make your wedding music more individual. We advise anyone looking to do this to have a conversation with your band, highlighting your musical tastes and preferred song choices. It’s equally important to mention any music you’d prefer not to be played. This way you can be assured the right mood is being created for you and your guests throughout the day.
Thank you so much EAR CANDY for such informative answers.  I hope you can use this as a great starting point when searching for your perfect oxford wedding band.  For more ideas on how to ensure a full dance floor take a peek at this blog post: HAVING A WEDDING DISCO? MY TOP TIPS ON CREATING A BUZZING DANCE FLOOR

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