so, i’m philippa

if I were to sum up exactly what I do
I’d say I photograph ordinary people in their happy place, be it on their wedding day or hanging out at home with their family.
weddings are the only time that you have everyone who is close to your heart, all in one place

i live in oxford with my gang

Alex, Edith and Betsy.  We got married and had a mega family wedding and I can tell you, it really was the best bloody day ever!  It’s the only time that you have everyone who is close to your heart, all in one place, where you can squeeze them all so hard and tell them how much you love them.

I also photograph my everyday, my kids and our adventures. This is how ‘The Motherhood’ was born. The Motherhood is a photography workshop which I run just for mums. It’s where I share my knowledge and help others find their creative vision.

my wedding

press play to see what I got up to on my wedding day

the Oxford wedding blog

all things Oxfordshire wedding photography

I set up this blog as a go to place for couples getting married in Oxford and it’s surrounding areas.  It’s where I share some ace things I’ve come across at weddings, and all the amazing hidden gems I’ve found in and around Oxford.


What a wonderful year for weddings 2019 has been... My aim at the beginning of the year was to photograph more weddings in and around Oxfordshire, and bar a few weddings; a couple in London, one in Wales, and an epic one in Italy, most of my weddings I shot this year...

Me + My Oxford Wedding Photography Blog

Hello and welcome to The Oxford Wedding Blog!  I'm, Philippa, and this is my little Oxford wedding photography blog. THE STORY BEHIND THE OXFORD WEDDING BLOG My husband and I married three years ago, and when we were planning our wedding, we found it especially hard...


I married my man Alex, FOUR years ago today!! Wooohoooo!!!  We had the best weekend wedding festival in Oxfordshire, so I though it would be appropriate to write a blog post about it and share it with you.  The great thing about being a wedding photographer myself is...


 Quarry Hollow

Oxford UK


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