COVID-19 | creative ways to celebrate your would be wedding day at home

How to celebrate your COVID-19 wedding day, or what would have been your wedding day, at home?  This blog post is a continuation from my last post The Coronavirus and Your Wedding.  I’ve spoken to many couples who have had to sadly postpone their wedding.  Obviously there are bigger things going on right now, but so many are feeling a bit blue and disheartened so I though I’d share some simple, low key ideas on what you could do on what would have been your wedding day in 2020.


If your wedding date was planned for sooner rather than later and you have your outfits ready to go, why not get dressed up in them for the day.  LOTS of my clients are doing this and I think it’s a fantastic idea!  If you don’t fancy getting dressed into your wedding attire, maybe just something fancy or dapper to mark the day as a special occasion.

COVID-19 wedding day - get dressed up


Currently we are only allowed out once per day, so make a plan to make it a special one.  Taking a romantic walk with your loved one.  Depending on how you are feeling, and your personalities, you may want to do this in your wedding outfits!  It would be so much fun and bring joy not only to you, but to everyone else who passes you!! This idea may sound terrifying to some!  I personally would love this idea, although my husband would die, so I guess I’d wear my dress and he’d wear he jeans!!

COVID-19 wedding day - go for a walk in your wedding outfits


Now, it’s up to you how creative you get with this one.  You could go as far as creating a DIY alter, and have all your guests join you via ZOOM or HOUSE PARTY, and you could even exchange your rings.  I guess it all depends on what your postponed wedding will look like.  Or, you cold simply sit together and share your vowels just the two of you, intimately.  Sharing your vowels, even if they are new ones for this strange day, is a great way to make it special, to focus on each other and not be distracted by other commitments going on right now.

COVID-19 -creative ways to celebrate your day on lock down - Philippa James photography


This might sound a little strange, but you could perhaps ask your photographer to photograph something creative, either via FaceTime or if they live close.  There has been lots of amazing work by photographers documenting people via FaceTime.  If this is something you’re interested in feel free to get in touch with me as I’m working on a small project myself, documenting stories of couples during lockdown.

Another thought, if your photographer lives close, they could always pass your home on their daily walk and take some portraits of you both, at a distance.  Again, this is something I’m offering to couples who live in Oxford, UK.

(There is no fee to these services that I’m offering, I just want to create a body of work documenting this time in our history.  Each photographer will have their own policies on this)

COVID-19 wedding day - Oxford wedding photographer


Now, romantic can look a hundred different ways to different people.  But whatever the term ‘romance’ looks like to you, make some time for it.  Schedule it in, it could be for the whole day, it could be just for half an hour.  Every situation will be different.

creative ideas of celebrating your wedding day at home


Some may find the whole day overwhelming, and not want to celebrate their COVID-19 wedding day.  So many may not have much time right now, and it may be the least of your priorities.  You can either celebrate in a large way, or you may even want to forget about it.  Riding it off, ordering a take away pizza and bing watching Netflix all day is not a bad option in my book!

COVID-19 wedding day


Your COVID-19 wedding day doesn’t have to look like every other day… you may have to just get a little creative with it, as it still should be your special day, and a day to celebrate your love.  Do what works for you both and your personalities.  Being on lockdown can be hard and I know a lot of people who were suppose to be getting married are feeling disheartened and blugh about it all, so hopefully this blog post as inspired you do so something a little special, if you are able to.


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