The morning of your wedding day; this is where the story of your day begins.  You may have woken early, or not slept well, but all that matters is the day is finally here and you are getting married!

I love this part of the wedding day.  It usually goes from a very calm and relaxed atmosphere with ‘oh we have loads of time’, to suddenly everything being on mad rush, only ten minutes left, bellies full of butterflies, and lots of eeeeekkkkkk I’m getting married!!!  It can take you a bit by surprise, and sometimes you get a real whoosh of emotion as everything really hits you all at once…

To help you plan your, here are a few things to think about to help plan for a lovely relaxed morning.

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1. Choose a light room to get ready in

Natural light is the most flattering light ever.  If you have the choice, choose the lightest room to get ready in – if you’re at a hotel, ask them when booking if you could request the lightest room and as you are a bride to be, most will be very happy to help.

Also, when applying your make-up and styling your hair, (whether you are doing it yourself, or having it done by a professional) do it near a window, so you get as much natural light on your face as possible.

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2. Think about who will be with you

My advice would be to surround yourself with the people who make you feel good.  You don’t want any negativity around you, so manage this as much as you can by choosing who to have with you ahead of time (and who not to have with you!)

I had my mum, all my bridesmates and their kids with me when I was getting ready (about 15 of us in total!) There was lots of hustle and bustle and that’s what I loved.  But you may not want this… and that’s fine.  If your mum makes you feel anxious as she always takes over, ask her to come in at the end as you want to “surprise” her once you are all finished.  If you just want your best mate there and not all your bridesmaids, that’s fine too, just manage this way before so everyone knows what to expect and you get what you would like.

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3. Wear something you are happy being photographed in

It doesn’t have to be fancy or matching your bridesmaids, although many bridal parties do this.  But I would recommend thinking about what you plan to wear when you are getting ready as you’ll have me there capturing this time for you. Maybe something wrap-around or with a loose neck to get easily over your hair, remember no tight bra straps or socks as you don’t want visible strap or worse…. sock lines!

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4. Give yourself plenty of time

You’ll want to enjoy the morning of your wedding and so I would advise you to give yourself more time than you think you’ll need.  I’d aim to get into your dress 30 minutes before you have to leave for the ceremony.  That may sound super early but trust me there are always unexpected last-minute things that happen and that final hour flies by.  If you are ready early it really isn’t a problem, as I will keep you busy and take lots of stunning images before you leave for the ceremony.

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5. Do your hair and makeup first

Sometimes I see brides having their hair and makeup done last as maybe the photographer comes a bit later. I’d always suggest getting the majority of your hair and makeup done first thing as you can always do a final touch up just before you get into your dress, and if time gets the better of you it’s better to have a rushing bridesmaid and not a rushing bride.

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6. Make a playlist

Making a playlist of all your favourite tunes to play while you are getting ready can create a lovely, happy atmosphere.  I got married two years ago, and my playlist still puts a huge smile on my face every time I listen to it.

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7. Don’t forget to eat and rehydrate

You may not feel up to eating much, but I’d suggest getting something down you.  Nervous tummies can be made worse by eating sugary cereals. Eggs, nuts, bananas, oats, and smoothies will set you up nicely and can be grabbed easily.  It’s a long day and you won’t really eat anything else until you sit down which will be hours away.  And drink plenty of water.

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8. Wedding Morning – Enjoy it

When I was at university, us girls would enjoy getting ready to go out together as much as the night out itself! This is how I wanted the morning of my wedding – hence inviting everyone to get ready with me.

The morning of your wedding is a really special time; it’s the time when you stop being the wedding planner and start becoming the bride.  Enjoy, it’s going to be a great day.


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