With so many talented wedding photographers out there, when it is time to book one it can feel quite overwhelming. Here is my guide on how to choose a wedding photographer who is right for you. how-to-choose-your-wedding-photographer


Firstly, think about the kind of look you’re after.  Every wedding photographer will have their own particular style and it’s so important for you to have a sense of what you like and what you don’t.  Do some research – check out online galleries, trawl Pinterest and flick through friends’ wedding albums at every opportunity.  This will help you to get a really good idea of what’s possible and what you want your photographer to achieve. You’ll probably come across pictures in four main styles: Traditional – This is the most conventional style. Expect lots of intervention from the wedding photographer on the day with classic, formal, posed results. Contemporary – Think fashion, fine-art, creative, and modern maybe including some epic shots with flash photography. Documentary – If you’re looking for candid, unposed, reportage style pictures this could be for you.  Expect relatively few posed group shots depending on the photographer. Alternative – This style is informal and spontaneous, sometimes shot on film. The mood is lifestyle documentary but the photographer will likely bring in a hint of direction and styling. All these approaches can make for stunning wedding photos, so it’s about choosing the one you’re attracted to the most. I guess my style would be put into the (modern) alternative category, and the way I shoot is very relaxed and informal. I mingle with the guests and concentrate on the capturing the story of your day,  as well as all the little details you’ve put so much thought into.  I also make sure I get some great group shots and portraits of just the two of you. When you’re choosing your style remember that you’ll be looking at your pictures for many years to come, and you’ll want something that will stand the test of time. Once you’re clear on what you want the next step is to research and make a short-list of photographers whose images really speak to you. Oxford Town Hall Weddings


When you have your short-list the last step in selecting your wedding photographer is to be sure you choose someone you like.  Your photographer will be the only ‘stranger’ at the party and you’ll want that person to really to fit in with you and your guests. You can get a good idea of the personality of a photographer by following them on social media or signing up to their newsletter. Of course there’s nothing like a proper chat to test whether your photographer is a good fit for your wedding.  I always recommend a telephone or Skype call to get to know each other a bit more before taking the plunge and making a booking. Dewsell Court Weddings


You have probably already got some kind of budget in mind and the photographer is just one of many competing costs alongside the dress, the favours, the food, the cake, the flowers – the list goes on…  Sometimes investing in a set of photographs that doesn’t exist yet can seem like the least of your worries.  However it’s worth remembering that these pictures will last long after the cake is eaten and the guests have gone home so it really is worth spending as much as you can afford.  Wedding photographers can range massively in price but most offer a few wedding packages which may help with smaller budgets. Wedding Photography Style I hope this helps a little, if you are interested in finding out more about the way I work, drop me a quick message and I’ll send you further information


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