5 controversial ideas for weddings on a budget

When I say five controversial ideas for weddings on a budget, some really are controversial and II don’t mean that you shouldn’t have them, it’s your wedding – you can have whatever you want! But in my experience of going to so many weddings, if you chose to get rid of every one of these things – no one would even notice – quite shocking really!!


stunning flower bouquet - weddings on a budget

The bouquet’s original purpose was to symbolise new beginnings and drive away evil spirits….  Now don’t get me wrong, I am a MASSIVE fan of flower bouquets and I know this is a controversial one, but if you didn’t have one, no one would even notice….  It get’s carried down the aisle and shown off in a few photos, and it’s pretty much forgotten about.


wedding cake - weddings on a budget

I know… shock horror… how can you possibly get rid of the traditional epic cake!!  Wedding cakes are great, and a piece of art themselves… but do you actually need it? and would it be missed?  We all love a bit of cake, so you can still have cake to cut and serve with coffee, but it doesn’t have to be the epic expensive wedding one? I don’t think so…


oxford wedding photographer

Now don’t get me wrong.. I love a first dance (I had two! One with the kids, and one later one when the late party got started!!) But I go to so many weddings where the couple really don’t feel comfortable, and so they’ve book in some lessons to help them get over the nerves.  If you’re that nervous have your ‘first song’ where everyone gets onto the dancefloor and dances to a slow song – anything to start the night party starting…


wedding invitations for weddings on a budget

Invitations can be soooo pretty, super cute, and very cool, but are they actually necessary these days? They just end up in the recycling.

Your guests obviously need to be invited, and they need to know important information such as the date, time etc. But this can be done easily and more efficiently by paperless invites or even just a simple group email.  Trust me, your guests don’t care either way as long as they have all the information.


wedding favours for weddings on a budget

So again…what is the point of wedding favours? I’m not a fan of party bags at kids’ parties either…Yes, they can be soooo pretty, super cute, and very cool… but again even DIY ones can cost a lot.  I see so many favours left at the end of the wedding as guests get sloshed and go crazy on the dancefloor, favours are often totally forgotten.

Don’t get me wrong, these things can be great and are fun to plan and I’m not suggesting you don’t have any of them… but personally I wouldn’t stress about them, especially if you are planning for weddings on a budget. In my next post I talk about five things, in my opinion, you really do need…

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