After an art exhibition I love nothing more than going to the gallery shop and browsing through all the lovely photography books.  Always a sucker for buying one, I get home and snuggle up on the sofa with a glass of wine and brows through it again… seeing something new every time I go through it.

Your wedding album is this feeling, but times a hundred.

I’m really not a fan of big fancy pantsy wedding albums, stored away in luxury big boxes where you have to wear posh white gloves to look at.  For me, the point of having your images printed into a wedding album, or heirloom book as I like to call it, is to be looked at, browsed through, picked up and put down, displayed on your coffee table so your nan can pick it up and quietly brows through it, or when your school mates visit for a large weekend they can crowd around flicking through it, sharing stories from the day… everyones experience of the book will be different, and over time so will yours.

Wedding Albums Oxford


After much research, I am now offering two albums… both top quality, beautiful modern heirloom books, that will stand the test of time, last for generations and designed to be looked at again and again.


The Heirloom Art Book is a modern coffee table style photo book with high quality lustre photographic paper and a natural hessian hard cover.  This book is roughly A4 in size and costs £250

Wedding Photo Albums Oxford


The Heirloom Wedding Album is slightly more expensive than the art book as it’s a little fancier with luxury lay-flat art paper and a soft linen cover. This book is slightly smaller than A4 in size and costs £400

If you’d like your digital images transformed into a beautiful heirloom book drop me a line and we can take it from there.


How does designing an album work? When I’m shooting your wedding I’ll have this book in mind, and so I do the initial design of the book as I’ll know which images work best together.  After that I send you a draft which you can add images, change images, swap images or delete images.  This draft bounces back and forth between us until you are happy with the final design.

Who chooses the photos? I choose the photos to begin with, and then if you want any swapping or changing that’s totally cool.

Is there a set number of pages for each album? Each album includes about 50 pages which is plenty for a full wedding.

Does the price include postage? – It covers postage and packaging anywhere in the UK.  If you are abroad there may be an additional cost.

I love your albums, can you design me an album even though you weren’t my wedding photographer? Of course I can.  I’ll need all the images from your day in high resolution… just get in touch.




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