MAY 2020

ISOLATION: curated by Philippa James from the work of women who have attended her Motherhood Photography Workshops.

 There are times for the women who have attended The Motherhood workshops; Before and After. Before, they didn’t know how to use their fancy (SLR) camera, perhaps using it only on special occasions and set to ‘auto’. After, manually set to a photographic style of their choice, capturing the moments they don’t want to forget.  I am incredibly proud to showcase this selection of their work, produced during COVID-19, capturing images of everyday life during lockdown. 

The women who have contributed to this exhibition have documented their everyday during this ‘new normal’. Capturing moments of joy, frustration, and life as it has now become, home schooling, boredom, laughter, tears, tantrums, socially distant playing, Thursday evening clapping, care in the community and a new love of rainbows.  

From idea conception, to image choices and helping (if needed) with editing, it has been an honour to support these talented photographers with their work. This exhibition is a real celebration of The Motherhood Photography Workshops and the amazing community that has come from it.

Photography is so much more than taking a pretty picture, it provides a window of sanity; creativity is so important, now more than ever. 


Photography credits; Lucy Marshall, Trudy Fell, Nichola Nash, Ellie Sharp, Carrie Rogers, Tracey Philbey, Emidy Ritchie-Manders, Tanya Smith, Stacey Prigent, Josie Cope, Louise Warnock, Anna Ellis, Heather Calver, Rachel Winchester, Hannah Abbey, Katie Hannaford and Lauren Burberry. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this exhibition, especially during these challenging times.


The Motherhood Photography Workshop is a cosy place to learn about photography. Designed especially for mothers, its goal is to teach mums how to capture their everyday life, what ever that may look like.  The full day workshop ensures no one leaves without knowing how to confidently use their DLSR cameras on manual mode, how to look for light, see composition, and capture story telling moments.

These workshops aren’t available on-line, so due to COVID-19 they are currently on hold until further notice.  If you’d like to find out more about the workshops and when they will be running again, please drop me an email below and to find out more about pricing etc take a look here:  THE MOTHERHOOD WORKSHOPS 

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