the motherhood photography workshop

The Motherhood is a warm cosy place for you mums to come and learn about photography.

In each workshop you will learn how to document your everyday busy life, explore storytelling techniques and capture those honest, everyday, heart-filled moments.

Learn how to capture those honest, everyday, heart-filled moments

an all-day DSLR workshop

Okay – so how long have you been stuck on the auto button? Yep, that’s how we all start out, but now it’s time to start getting confident with your big girl’s fancy camera. This is an all-day workshop where we will explore the basics of photography including aperture, shutter speed, ISO and light.

We will then go out with our cameras on a mini shoot so you will have the chance to practice what you’ve learned. We will spend the afternoon learning about the final stages of photography – editing, processing and displaying our images. To attend this workshop you must have your own SLR camera.

upcoming dates
  • 3rd feb, 2019
  • 12th May, 2019
  • 13th oct, 2019

book your place

Let me know which workshop date you’d like to attend and I’ll get you booked in. Vouchers are also available if you’d like to give or receive a super cool gift

a few questions

peeps often ask
I'm not a mum, but I love your photography and taking pics. Can I join?
Yes you can! I speak a lot about documenting your everyday as a mum, but you will still get a lot out of the workshop. Make sure you let me know and I’ll adjust the workshop so I can inspire you on your subject
I'm a professional photographer and I love your work. Can I come?
I’m afraid this workshop is only for amateur photographers. If you’d like to book a 1:1 with me just get in touch.
I'm a dad. Can I still come to your workshop?
Yes, of course you can.
I don't have any childcare. Can you provide it?
Maybe in the future, but I don’t offer childcare at the moment.

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