The simple way to answer this is, I photograph a wedding with a lot of feeling.

What does that even mean? I hear you say!

Oxfordshire Barn Wedding

When you look back through your wedding images in years to come, I want you to be transported back in time, and feel all the feels you felt on your wedding day. That’s what I mean when I say I photograph a wedding with a lot of feeling.

How do you do this?

Okay, so firstly I shoot in a mega informal way. I photograph your wedding from the point of view of a professional guest, that means I chat and mingle with you and all your favourite people in the world.  This allows everyone to drop their ‘photo face’ and become super comfortable with me and my camera.  Capturing personalities and characters is what I’m good at and seeking those little (or big) emotions is what I love to document.

Let me show you what “feeling” looks like in a photo… - WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN I PHOTOGRAPH A WEDDING

The First Look

For Jewish weddings, the bride and groom must meet with the Rabbi before the ceremony, meaning there is no big reveal walking down the aisle. So before they met the Rabbi, Tim and Gaby were keen to schedule in five minutes, just the two of them, to see each other for the first time on their wedding day. The anticipation in this photograph is intense; they are sitting here both full of nerves and butterflies, waiting to lock eyes. They tell me every time they look at this photo, it takes them straight back in time, and they get flips in their bellies.


Dreams Come True

Sadly, this little girl lost her father at a very young age, and her mum, Leanne, lost the man she loved.

Years later, Leanne met and fell in love with the incredible Adam, and on their wedding day, I took this photo. Leanne was pregnant with her second child and she tells me how this photo summed up all the feelings she felt on this day. This little girl now has Adam in her life, a happy mum, and a new sibling on the way. This photo is a metaphor for what this day meant to the three (and a half) of them.

Non-traditional Weddings in Oxford

And relax…

I’ve included this photo to illustrate that as you can imagine, when I photograph a wedding, not every photo will have a huge emotional backstory. But even the small, seemingly insignificant photo is still packed with feeling. This photo illustrates how before the ceremony everything has to be perfectly ironed, straight, and buttoned up. As the day unfolds, ties are loosened, kids are allowed to eat chocolate again as no one cares if outfits get stained, and shoes are kicked off (especially heals!)

I photograph a wedding with feeling

So to conclude, the story behind an image can be very powerful for the people in it.  THAT, is what I love to capture.  I hope this blog post has helped you understand a little more about how I photograph a wedding. Please do CONTACT me if you’d like to chat further about photography and your day.

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