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When planning for your wedding day you can get so bogged down in the detail that it can sometimes be hard seeing the wood for the trees.  In this blog post I’m going to clearly point out the five most important things to think about when planning your day, and the bits you and your guests will remember the most.


This is the whole point of the day, so make it personal, and make it you.  There are so many ways to bring more of your personality into the wedding ceremony part of the day, that there’s no reason for this being the ‘boring’ part of the day anymore!  I’d suggest having a ceremony no longer than about 30 minutes, and involve your guests… I’m just writing another post all about the ceremony and ways you can get more creative, watch this space! wedding day ceremony | › five-things-for-the-perfect-wedding-day


You need to feed your guests.  It can be a three-course fancy pants dinner, or a fish and chip van, it doesn’t really matter, but there needs to be plenty of food, and it needs to taste good. I can’t recommend enough doing food tastings before you choose your food supplier.  It can make or break your guests’ experience of the day. wedding day food | › five-things-for-the-perfect-wedding-day


If you’re planning on an alcohol free wedding that’s totally cool, but just make sure there are enough fluids to go around.  For the rest of you, I have seen venues only give a limited amount of wine to each table at dinner, to be brutally honest, this is a big no no for guests.  They have come to your wedding to celebrate, and it’s frustrating if they aren’t able to get a drink.  Paid for, or cash bar – that bit makes no difference, but just make it easy for your guests to keep the drinks flowing. wedding day |


When I got married to Alex, we put all of our money and energy into booking an amazing band – who were superb!  But we totally neglected the DJ side of things, and booked one very last minute, and didn’t really do much research, and it was all a BIG MISTAKE!!! He was shockingly bad and I totally underestimated this part of the day, stupidly as both me and Alex are well into our music and dancing.  So my advice would be, do your research, a good DJ should encourage a dialogue between you both before the day, and agree on certain songs etc.  (I used That Event DJ for my birthday who were AMAZING!) wedding day evening | › five-things-for-the-perfect-wedding-day


I met a band who gave away their secret on how to have a buzzing dancefloor.  They said that the dancefloor space must be smaller than you expect it to be. When a dancefloor is a massive open space it can feel intimating for people to get on it, but if you make the space as small as possible, trust me, it’ll be buzzing… wedding day dancing | › five-things-for-the-perfect-wedding-day Hope this list helps you put your energy’s into the right place.  Of course other things are still cool, but I believe these are the five ingredient which really do make a wedding day a great experience for everyone.

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