The Coronavirus and Your Wedding


The Coronavirus and your wedding… Bloody hell, planning a wedding can be stressful under normal circumstances, let alone with all the uncertainty we are now faced with.  I mean, no one could have predicted your wedding plans being interrupted by a global epidemic.

If your wedding is sooner rather than later you obviously may have to postpone it to another date depending on government guidelines.  I’m happy to move dates for my clients, so please do check with your wedding venue and each of your suppliers what their policy is on this and the coronavirus and your wedding

Coronavirus and your wedding

And on that note, keep in close contact with your suppliers… even if you think it won’t affect you at this stage, it’s good to know your options.  Most suppliers would have got in touch with their clients by now anyway, but if not it’ll be worth touching base with them.

Coronavirus and your wedding - social distancing

I would also suggest having a plan B ready as everything is changing daily at the moment… You’ll feel more empowered by being prepared for any changes.  Snuggle up with your loved one and throw around what alternatives you both would be happy with.  Remember, this is still your wedding day and you still want the best day ever.  What changes are you both willing to make? Smaller wedding? What would this look like, how small, would elder family members be able to come?  Or perhaps postponing it until next year would be best.. if so, does your venue have any dates?  Also contact your guests, especially the ones who are elderly or vulnerable and have a real open conversation with them.

Currently there are no weddings allowed to take place in the UK for the foreseeable future. Venues have been forced to close as of 23rdMarch 2020, this will be reviewed in three weeks from this date.  You can see the latest government update HERE.

Coronavirus and your wedding

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I hope you are all doing as well as can be expected.  For advice and guidance on advice on the coronavirus check out the NHS website HERE.

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