Finding out you will be pregnant on your wedding day can be mega exiting, but it can also come with a few logistical challenges that you may want to think about.  In this post Alana shares her experience of being a bride with a bump, and shares her 5 top tips

Alana’s Pregnant Bride Story…

“I started planning my wedding soon after getting engaged. The venue was booked, the invites went out, and the dress was bought. The wedding machine was ticking along nicely, and we were crossing off the items from the to-do list one by one. No last minute panics for us, we thought.  Then in February I found out I was pregnant.


Choose a bump friendly wedding dress

I bought my original 1950’s dress from a designer on Easy and I took a completely blasé attitude toward the whole thing until two weeks before the big day, when I took the dress to the tailor and he said “I can’t make this fit you”

Ha. Panic.

I went home and spent the rest of the afternoon frantically googling different combinations of “empire waist white dress.” The end result was a stunning floor-length boho Alice Temperley dress, with a ruffly v-neck and an elastic waist.  It was very different to my original dress, but I loved it, it fit, and I was so comfortable.

You won’t be able to predict how big or wide your bump is going to be by the wedding day, and tailors can only do so much magic. So I would recommend getting a dress that will give you some room. You can be stylish and comfortable at the same time!

https://philippajamesphotography.com/advice-for-pregnant-brides/ (ten tips for pregnant brides)

Keep calm… hormones play a big part in pregnancy

Right after we got married, we walked back down the isle, out of the venue, and I just burst into tears.  I couldn’t stop crying!  I was so emotional and so happy, and I think hormones played a big part in this!  So I would really would advise to keep as calm as possible as those pesky hormones can unexpectedly pop up at any time!

https://philippajamesphotography.com/advice-for-pregnant-brides/ - pregnant friendly wedding dress

Keep the pace as slow as you need it to be

It’s your day and it’s really important to listen to what your body needs.  I pushed myself to 10pm but by then I was so tired and it was time for us to leave.  Our guests carried on without us and partied on having a great time.

I had two sips of bubbly during the toast and then we snuck out two bottles of wine, to be hoarded away until the baby arrived.

The honeymoon – think twice about a city break

Seriously, take it easy on your honeymoon. I ended up climbing mountains and steep staircases and I probably could have done with lounging by the pool more

Get a great photographer

This was a really important one for us… pregnant or not.  We couldn’t have got ourselves a better one… on the day she was really there for us.  We wanted to show our little one that he/she was really there on the day and so Philippa created a stunning photo book for us.

https://philippajamesphotography.com/advice-for-pregnant-brides/ - pregnant friendly wedding shoes

I’d love to hear your experience of being a pregnant bride – please do get in touch and share your tips with me


Venue: Asylum Chapel

Dress: Alison Temperley 

Groom’s Attire: Caruso

Flowers: DIY

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