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  1. Izzi

    My partner and I planned our wedding in 6 weeks due to family illness. We had an advantage in a sense re being a pregnant bride as we went into our planning knowing that a)I would be 6 months pregnant on the day and b) as it is my 3rd pregnancy I was fairly sure of what my shape would be/how I’d feel a few weeks later.

    I definitely agree about rethinking the days schedule. We actually planned our day to be more to be manageable for my father-in-law who is very ill, but its perfect for me being pregnant and to include our 2 young boys in thebwhole day too.
    : We are having a small ceremony at 3pm with drinks reception for close family and friends after. In the evening we are having a quiet meal at a renowned restaurant with just our children, parents & grandparents. As our ceremony is mid afternoon I have plenty of time to relax earlier on but equally i wont hace to leave my wedding day early as people won’t be partying all night.

    We are holding an evening reception party on our 1 year anniversary next year to invite all our wider family and friends and to have the big party that wouldn’t be suitable this year. It means I can wear my dress again as it can be further altered if needs be, it also means our baby boy will be there for part of our wedding celebrations too which feels really special.

    Although I think empire lines and floaty styles look beautiful on other women, they just aren’t ‘me’. I found several dresses in all 4 shops that I went to that would fit and be ready within the 3 weeks I had left (and at peak time in August!) so that is always an option. I bought a sample gown, it was a strapless mermaid dress with a corset back. I feel like the bride I had always envisioned when I’m in it and it is both very flattering and also very supportive my bump feels held rather than squashed. Being a corset back it is more flexible in terms of last minute adjustments. I am able to fit it tightly over areas above and below the bump and looser over my bump, I can also loosen it throughout the day if I need to.

    I think it’s important not to change your entire vision to something you wouldnt usually like just because you’re pregnant, you still need to feel like a beautiful bride, not just a pregnant one. However, you should be unafraid to challenge the stereotypical ‘wedding day’ format. It’s actually a great chance to play around with it and to do thing your way!!

    1. Post

      Thank you so much for sharing your story Lizzi, I think it will definitely inspire other brides who are also pregnant. I also LOVE the idea of a one year anniversary big party, and also wearing your dress, sound amazing, have a fantastic time. Thank you for all your advice xxx

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