Oxford Wedding Photographer Philippa James

Philippa James Photography

Hello, I’m Philippa.  I live in Oxford with this crazy lot, I photograph people, and I run photography workshops for mums.

Wedding photographer Uk

I shoot weddings for couples that want to remember the giddiness from the day… that hug, that belly laugh, and that lump in the throat

Families photo shooting

I document my everyday and that’s how THE MOTHERHOOD was born

Family photo portrait

I capture family life for parents who want to remember this time right now, with all its strength, and all its vulnerability

PhilippaJames Photography

“Philippa has this real playful way with people; I think that’s how she ends up capturing images that are so natural and in the moment”

Wedding photographer Uk

A few things I love… slippers, PJ Harvey, daily lists, Paris Texas, camping, stationary, the 70’s ..

A few things I couldn’t live without… red wine, podcasts, hair clips, my watch, hugs, granny knits..

Family photo

If there is one thing I’d recommend
it’d be a daily dose of tickle time.
Kids or no kids.